Wholesale and Retail Orders

Using our Private label Services

To order wholesale pails of our MCM Food Products using our Private label Service we offer the following options:

Option 1:

We can print your label at our facility in black and white. It could include your logo, if the art format is compatible. The label must state your company’s name as the distributor or our company as the manufacturer. The printing cost is included in your order.

Option 2:

Print your labels with an outside company. The label must be compatible with our printing systems and it must include our company as the manufacturer or state that your company is distributing the product.

We can recommend a company that has been working with our clients and us for years. They know all the technical aspects necessary for us to use the label in our facility. They design, print, and deliver the labels to our facility. The whole process takes on average two weeks. All printing costs must be covered by your company.

To order retail jars of MCM Food products using our Private label Service:

Your company needs to design their own label and it must state that the product was manufactured for your company or that your company distributes it. We would provide all information regarding the product. All retail jar labels must be registered with the Department of Agriculture, compatible with our coding machines, and all printing costs must be covered by your company.

Confidentiality Agreements

We strive to treat all our customers with the upmost respect and to protect their privacy. We will sign confidentiality agreements upon request and take multiple steps in order to ensure their privacy. Please contact our office for more information about ordering and how we protect your privacy.

Shipping Information

All initial orders must first be discussed with our office via email or by phone, at this time we will work out the freight logistics

Made in the U.S.A., shipped worldwide.

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