Our team members

Our team members

MCM Food Corp.

Mario Florez grew up helping his mom make Dulce de Leche and he fell in love with the art and craftsmanship that it entailed. At a very young age, he envisioned mass-producing this product. Mario made his dream come true over 30 years ago, when he began manufacturing Dulce de Leche in Miami Florida. Many say it is not out of character for him to want to share what he loves with the world. He has strived to make the best Dulce de Leche so that it can be used and appreciated by everyone around the world.

In the past 10 years our product has reached countries we are still in awe that citizens of those countries can enjoy a delightful dessert we grew up eating. We love to hear stories of the very first moments you found your absolute favorite way to enjoy our product, whether it is in your coffee, with your apples, in your beer, or simply with your finger. Please feel free to share your thoughts with our family at MCM Food Corp.

MCM Food Corp continues to be operated in Medley Florida but we ship our Dulce de Leche worldwide. We sell wholesale and retail. Our brand is Santa Fe, but we also offer the option for our customers to distribute our product under their company’s private label. All of our Dulce de Leche products can be made without preservatives (all natural) for special orders made two weeks prior to expected pickup.

We offer an assortment of products– Dulce de Leche: Repostero D, Repostero S, Arequipe, Topping, Heladero; Syrup, Chocolate, and Guava. All of our products are Kosher certified and our facility is SQF level 2 certified.

What does it mean to be SQF certified?

According to our onsite SQF practitioner: being SQF certified means that our customers can take comfort in knowing that our products are made with the best quality ingredients and protocols.

From the moment ingredients arrive at our facility to when our finished product is loaded on to the delivery trucks, our whole team follows very strict procedures to ensure the safety and quality of our product is never compromised.

For more details please feel free to contact our office to speak directly to our SQF practitioner and his onsite team.



Private Labels Service

Distribute our Dulce de Leche using your company’s label! Click here to learn about our confidentiality agreements, package design specifications, and more…

Pails of Dulce de Leche without preservatives

Wholesale Orders

Click here to learn how you can place a wholesale order of Dulce de Leche Repostero, Arequipe, Topping, Heladero, Syrup, Guava, Dessert, and/or Chocolate.


Retail Orders

Click here to learn more about our Santa Fe Retail line and how to place an order. Don’t forget to download our recipe book!